How long has SpreadEdge Capital been in business?

Darren Carlat finished his initial development of the trading program in early 2010 which has been used for his own trading activities. In mid 2014, SpreadEdge Capital, LLC was founded, and the trading program was offered to the public

What changes has been made to the trading program over the years?

Initially, the SpreadEdge program entailed trading of both inter-commodity (i.e. Long Wheat, Short Corn) and intra-commodity spreads (i.e. Long Jul Corn, Short Dec Corn). Although the inter-commodity trades were profitable, the volatility was deemed to be too high for most investors and were thus ceased in the Diversified, Agriculture, and Energy programs. The 100% focus on intra-commodity (or calendar) spreads has greatly improved the balance between consistency, risk, and reward.

In 2020, SpreadEdge introduced the Inter-Commodity Seasonal Spread program that only trades the more volatile inter-commodity spreads.

What programs does SpreadEdge Capital offer?

Agriculture –
Grain (Corn, Soybeans, Soy Meal, Soy Oil, Wheat).
Meat (Feeder Cattle, Live Cattle, Lean Hogs), and
Softs (Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar)
Energy –
Energy (Brent, Crude, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Natural Gas, RBOB Gasoline),
Financial (Euro Dollar),
Metals (Copper)
Diversified – All of the above

What are the account minimums?

SpreadEdge account minimums for each program are $100,000. However, these minimum can be adjusted on a case by case basis

Does the investor have to be a QEP or high net worth individual?

No, Single Managed Accounts are available to investors that understand and can handle the risk involved with futures trading

What internal key performance measures (KPM’s) does SpreadEdge monitor and seek to enhance?

SpreadEdge Capital is focused on providing “consistent”, “over-sized” returns with “minimized risk” to all investors. Finding an optimal balance between these 3 KPM’s is our primary goal,

What guarantees are there that the KPM’s will be achieved?

There are no guarantees! While every effort is made to achieve our goals…Trading futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors